The results of a recent survey of over 1,000 school leaders in 46 states provide a clearer look at the impact of the potential 30 percent cut in Medicaid reimbursements.

Key findings include:

  • Two-thirds of respondents indicated they use Medicaid funds to pay salaries of health care professionals who provide services for students. If a 30 percent cut were to occur, many districts would have to furlough or lay off school personnel who are paid for, in part or mainly through Medicaid reimbursements.
  • The loss of Medicaid funding could result in new local tax levies or requests for higher taxes to subsidize special education programs and health services for students in poverty.
  • Nearly half of respondents said they use Medicaid funds to expand health-related services for students.

The 2018 report by AASA serves as an addendum to the organization’s initial report: Cutting Medicaid: A Prescription to Hurt the Neediest Kids,

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