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In Committee: Assessments, Licensure Exams and Integration

By February 16, 2013 No Comments

There are any number of education policy issues that could consume a vast amount of committee time.  This session, however, it appears that assessments, licensure exams and integration aid are going to be the focus of discussion.  Both the House and Senate Education Policy committees have started digging into these issues. It’s unclear where they”ll end up. Here’s where they stand now:

  • Assessment: It seems that the Math GRAD will be eliminated.
  • Licensure: Teacher licensure exams have been under fire and proposals to eliminate the basic skills test requirement are gaining steam (SF 429).  It seems doubtful that the legislature will completely eliminate them as a requirement for licensure, but a change to this process is in the works.
  • Integration: We will keep tracking the progress of HF 247 as this appears to be the vehicle that will drive the Integration debate.