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K-12 Omnibus Bill Highlights: Policies

By May 19, 2013 No Comments

MREA released today highlights of the K-12 Omnibus Bill for fundingtaxes and policies. Here’s what you need to know regarding policies:

  1. GRAD Rule repealed as recommended by Assessment and Accountability Working Group
    • GRAD tests and required cut scores repealed
    • Transition period for graduating class of ’14-16 with a mixture of tests
    • Beginning with graduating class of ’17 (8th graders in ‘13-14):
      1. Career assessments
      2. Aligned assessment with college readiness benchmarks
      3. Student progress recorded on transcript
      4. Career and college counseling required
        See MREA articles on these changes. 

  2. Grades 3-7 computer adaptive testing language
  3. World’s Best Workforce and Regional Centers of Excellence
    • School Boards must establish goals and align strategic plan and budgets to achieve world class student achievement by 2027 and hold an annual public meeting
    • Districts Standards and Accountability Committees monitor and report progress
    • Regional Centers of excellence established to assist districts achieve goals. Statewide impact of $2 million
    • Commissioner may intervene with restrictions in underperforming school districts to direct their use of 2% of revenue on programs of commissioners choosing
    • In the waning days of the session when it was apparent that Chairman Marquart was going to get this World’s Best Workforce Program MREA sent this letter to Marquart to soften and suggest improvements to the program.
  4. Parents of kindergartners can excuse students for parts of ADK with no penalty
  5. Board of Teaching can grant up to two additional 1 year licenses for teachers who have not passed the MTLE or Basic Testing
  6. Possession and use of epinephrine auto injectors
  7. Restrictive procedures for special education students
  8. Minnesota math corp established
  9. Safe and Supportive Schools passed House and on the Senate Floor Sunday in separate bill.
    MREA expects it become law late Sunday night.

  10. Charter schools are subject to following:
    • Truancy reporting
    • Teacher Evaluation
    • World’s Best Workforce

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