Kristen Schwarz invests in students, relationships, community.

Kristen Schwarz was born and raised in Fisher, graduating from Fisher High School where she now teaches. But Kristen took a different path to her teaching career than most. Schwarz started as a part-time volunteer for the ag program in Fisher, to ensure students in the Red River Valley had a good ag program. Now, Kristen leads the ag program, and provides skills and experiences for Fisher students that set the foundation for a lifelong career in the community, if that’s what they choose.

When you walk into Schwarz’s classroom, you might find a lesson on ear notching swine or building a new greenhouse to help feed the community. It’s anyone’s guess, but it will for surely be practical and fun.

Outside the Box

Schwarz focuses on helping students imagine what their future looks like and starts developing skills and solutions to help build that future. Her knowledge and skillset is broad and her community connections are deep. With her skillset, Schwarz offers CDL training for future truck drivers, Ag Business classes for future farmers, animal health for future veterinarians, technology supports for future Agronomists or Accountants, and CNA classes for future nurses.  She encourages her students dream, and she helps fulfill those dreams.

“Her students are learning so much more than just the letters and the numbers,” said Superintendent Evan Hanson. “They’re learning about life.”

Genuine Care

Many students refer to Schwarz as a ‘role model’ or a ‘second mom.’ There is no doubt she genuinely cares for her students and their dreams.

“Mrs. Schwarz is just so fun, she’s really inspiring, and she can do anything you can think of,” said Danika, a student of Schwarz.

In addition to her care for her students, Schwarz has a genuine love for the Fisher community, spending her free time helping revitalize the town of Fisher and ensure that the vibrant community she remembers from her childhood is sustained for generations to come.

Educator of Excellence

MREA honored Schwarz as a 2021 Educator of Excellence for her innovation, collaboration and unwavering commitment to get results for her students. See more stories of Educators for Excellence.