Student Opportunity Gaps

Legislative Session Successes

By May 24, 2013 No Comments

Even before the Legislature reconvened in January, we saw the potential of this being a landmark session. We ramped up our efforts at MREA so we could elevate our advocacy and be the voice for education in Greater Minnesota. Here’s a look at some of the legislative actions and successes MREA had this session at the Capitol and for your community: View and share a printable version.

  • Took a leadership role on advocating for more equitable funding for schools and the need for a minimum $300/per pupil operating referendum.
  • Provided powerful testimony with the release of a map of inequities based on the 5/95th percentile that shows 94 districts at the bottom and the majority of those in rural areas.
  • Released maps comparing property wealth of districts and relative tax efforts required for referendum and ANTC levies that were used by legislators when debating different approaches to tax policy, equalization, a General Education Levy (GEL), and property tax relief.
  • Led Minnesota’s Assessment & Accountability Working Group that provided recommendations to the Legislature to eliminate the GRAD and replace it exams aligned with college entrance.
  • Seen as a key expert resource on assessment and accountability practices in the state.
  • Advocated for the repeal of the GRAD rule.
  • Provided expertise and advocacy on the need for Minnesota Teacher License Exam (MTLE) reform.
  • Successfully advocated for the appointment of two rural members to the Board of Teaching.
  • Presented Facility Study proposal to Senator Stumpf that he then added as an amendment to the Omnibus Bill.
  • Educated members with a clear comparison chart of the three proposals for the House and Senate Omnibus Bills and the Governor’s proposals.
  • Formed American Indian Advisory Committee to better serve AMI students and help close the achievement gap.