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Facility Maintenance Funding Webinar Available

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Staff from the Minnesota Department of Education detailed in a July 23 webinar the planning process and requirements for the new Long-Term Facility Maintenance (LTFM) funding program. Nearly 100 school district officials participated in the webinar hosted by MREA.

The panel of presenters was lead by MDE staff Dale Sundstrom, Terri Yetter, and Lonn Moe along with Cromwell-Wright Superintendent Ron Bratlie, Jacqui Coleman of InGensa, and Chad Rettke of Kraus-Anderson Construction Company.

View the recorded meeting.

View the meeting presentation slides.

Next Steps

“LTFM is an important but complicated tool which closes to large degree one aspect of the Facility Fallout. Rural districts need to use LTFM wisely and be accountable,” said Fred Nolan, MREA Executive Director. MREA recommends that districts assemble a team of staff, board, and outside consultants to continue comprehensive planning during the 15-16 school year.

Read more about next steps for district planning.

Additional Resources

MREA has assembled additional resources to help district administrators and school board members plan and prepare: