Kayla Schoenberg serves as MREA’s Communications Director, providing insight for MREA members through effective and relevant communication. Kayla’s passion for celebrating the great people and programs in rural Minnesota shines through in the MREA Awards Program.   

Meet the MREA Team – Kayla Schoenberg

Elevating and celebrating Greater Minnesota education

kayla-schoenbergMREA is known for providing members with timely, credible, and clear communication. Whether it’s the latest legislative update or what’s new at the Annual Conference, Kayla manages MREA communications, ensuring members are informed on the latest in Greater Minnesota education. Each week during session, Kayla works with the legislative team to understand current issues and progress at the legislative issue in order to prepare and send the Monday morning Insider Brief, prepare for Tuesday morning Advocacy Briefings, and send Action Alerts when members are needed to take action on certain legislative issues.

Outside of the legislative session, Kayla works with the MREA team to add value for MREA district members, associate members, sponsors, and partners.

The Educators of Excellence and Innovation Program Awards are some of Kayla’s favorite projects of the year at MREA. Along with the video team, Kayla travels to school districts around the state to capture, honor, and highlight some of Minnesota’s best educators and most innovative programs in rural Minnesota. “It’s so inspiring to see these educators pouring into their students and constantly going above and beyond to build meaningful relationships. I find myself thinking ‘this is the person I want teaching my kids‘ when I’m in these districts. There are just some really incredible things going on in rural Minnesota schools, and I love being a part of celebrating that,” Kayla says.

The importance of communication

Kayla believes that communications should be at the center of every business and organization.  A contracted member of the MREA team, Kayla owns and operates Mindful Marketing, a marketing and communication consulting organization. Kayla works with businesses to ensure their time, energy, and investment on marketing and communications is both strategic and effective. “Throughout the pandemic, the importance of effective communication (both internal and external) was exemplified. It’s rewarding to see businesses and organizations put the necessary focus on communications.”   

Rural roots

Kayla grew up on a farm in rural Minnesota and graduated from Paynesville High School – an MREA member district. Now living in Sartell, Kayla and her husband Shawn enjoy raising their family and keeping busy with their three young kids. Kayla and Shawn have an eight, five, and one-year-old, all of whom are very active. Weekends are most often spent at wrestling, football, baseball, or gymnastics.