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Minnesota eLearning Summit Seeks Proposals

By February 7, 2013 No Comments

Organizers of the Minnesota eLearning Summit in July are requesting proposals for Summit sessions and hands on workshops. Share your best practices and ideas regarding blended learning, flipped classrooms, digital resources, technology applications, analytics and structures. Proposals are due by March 14. Registration for the Summit began Feb. 8.

Announcing Summit 2013 Keynote Speakers
Join K12, higher education faculty and administrators along with other learners and innovators to hear three very dynamic speakers:

Jeff Young is a technical journalist who frequently speaks on issues of education and technology. He leads The Chronicle of Higher Education‘s coverage of technology and its impact on teaching, research and student life.

Cable Green is the director of global learning at Creative Commons, works with the global open community to leverage open licensing, open content, open policies, and uses of digital tools and content to significantly improve access to quality, affordable education and research resources so everyone in the world can attain all the education they desire.

Gary Lopez is executive director of the Monterey Institute for Education and Technology, which has created the National Repository of Online Courses (NROC). This high quality online content is licensed by the MN Learning Commons for use in classrooms. NROC is also developing an interactive remediation system called EdReady.

These keynote sessions will provide valuable information and thought-provoking concepts on the current revolution in education.

Learn more about the conference or submit a session or workshop proposal.