Minnesota Safe Learning Survey Produces Encouraging Results

MREA has been involved in providing feedback on the development of the survey, has been engaged in outreach to respondents and has been briefed on the results. Today we are eager to share with you the results of that survey.

According to the University of Minnesota, the report contains a summary of the over 23,000 respondents including 9,333 educators, 11,651 family members and 2,988 students (grades 6-12). The survey covered successes and challenges, needed supports, learning, connectedness and communication. The key findings—described more deeply in the report—were as follows:

  • Students learned. Educators, families and students agreed that students learned during the first half of the 2020-2021 school year. Though the extent to which students were learning was perceived to be lower than pre-pandemic times, there was consensus that students were learning more this winter compared to distance learning in the spring of 2020.
  • Support for mental health is needed. Addressing mental health was identified as both a challenge and an area in need of support by all respondent groups.
  • Engaging students in learning was both successful and challenging. Respondents across all groups shared they had some positive experiences related to engagement, connection, and communications with others. However, engaging students in learning remained one of the highest needs.
  • Successes were reported in technology and COVID-19 safety measures. Use of and access to reliable technology was cited as an area of success among educators, families and students. In addition, there was agreement among all respondent groups that ensuring the health and safety of students and staff was an area of success. Both technology and COVID-19 safety measures were reported less prominently as areas of needed support.

District superintendents and charter leaders may request an organizational level report here.