Minnesota made significant progress over the past five years on internet connectivity and scalability for students, according to a new national report from the EducationSuperHighway. The report assesses each state’s performance on bandwidth, affordability, fiber and wi-fi.

  • 99.8% of all schools are on fiber, only two in the state are not.
  • 100% of students have access speeds of 100 Kb per student or greater
  • 31% of students are meeting the 1 Mbps per student goal

The EducationSuperHighway in November released its annual State of the States Report including the Minnesota Snapshot. EducationSuperHighway assists districts and states to connect schools with fiber for scalable internet connectivity and measures progress towards the goal of 1 Mbps per student.

The future for connectivity looks bright as the cost of high speed (1 Mbps) has dropped 85% on average in Minnesota allowing consortia to negotiate greater speeds for same or fewer dollars per student.

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