Motivational speaker, author and educator John Baylor will open MREA’s 2017 Annual Conference: Future Ready Students.  In addition to helping students, Baylor is on a mission to help schools. His recent book, Reaching Higher: The Simple Strategy to Transform America’s K-12 Schools, shows schools how to affect change in school culture to improve motivation.

The 2017 conference focuses on helping educators explore how to best prepare future workers for better lifelong opportunities, through planning for college, maximizing education completion, and learning about workforce programs and initiatives. Learn more.

Inspire Engagement

A brief career in banking after college convinced him his passion was teaching, and he started his company John Baylor Prep over 20 years ago. His program helps schools and families have healthy discussions about post- high school to inspire deeper student engagement while in high school.

Used annually in 23 states, his test preparation classes have been proven to help students increase ACT and SAT scores to maximize college scholarships.

Baylor has also been a play-by-play sportscaster for more than 20 years and hosts a weekly college prep radio show, where he shares ACT and SAT advice as well as college admissions guidance.

Save the Date

Learn more about the conference, which will be held Nov. 12-14 at Cragun’s Resort near Brainerd. Registration opens in July.

Submit a proposal to present at the conference. Proposals are due May 12.