The MREA Board of Directors will bring a proposed legislative platform of issues for 2017 to members for review and approval next week at the Annual Meeting. Funding to cover operating costs of high quality education, expanding voluntary Pre-K, and addressing the Facility Fallout with Ag2School and increased Debt Service Equalization are among the seven key issues for Greater Minnesota schools addressed.

With input from over 200 members at 12 area meetings and three virtual on-point meetings, the MREA Board of Directors discussed, designed and approved the recommended 2017 Legislative Platform for the membership to act on Nov. 15 during the Annual Conference.

The platform addresses the following high priority funding needs and policy concerns of Greater Minnesota schools:

  • Funding student needs to cover operating costs of high quality education for all students
  • Expanding Voluntary Pre-K to all districts ready to offer it and funding for needed classrooms
  • Addressing the Facility Fallout with Ag2School tax credits for farmers and increased Debt Service Equalization for homeowners and businesses
  • Retaining and recruiting quality teachers with expanded QComp funding and increased loan forgiveness
  • Addressing Career and College Readiness by partnering with higher education, expanding opportunities for CTE courses, and re-examining the current graduation requirements
  • Filling in student funding gaps for ELL students and for students in smaller schools inadequately funded with per student funding
  • Strengthening rural communities with affordable broadband access for homes, businesses, schools, libraries, and other essential community services

View the recommended legislative platform for 2017.

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