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MREA Board Seeks Nominations

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MREA is accepting nominations for five seats on the MREA Board of Directors. You may apply yourself or nominate someone else for these openings. To apply or be nominated, a candidate must represent a full membership district of MREA, must come from a zone in which the vacancy exists, and must agree to attend meetings. Nomination forms need to be received no later than Oct. 12, 2012 and should be mailed to: MREA, P.O. Box 155, Brandon, MN 56315-0155.  View the eligible districts.

Current open positions include:

  • North Central Zone — At-Large Representative, 4-Year Term (may be non-educator)
  • South Central Zone – Administrator Representative, 4-Year Term
  • South Central Zone – Teacher Representative, 1-Year Term
  • South Central Zone – At-Large Representative, 3-Year Term (may be non-educator)
  • South Zone – School Board Representative, 4-Year Term

View the zone map.

The MREA Board of Directors is comprised of twenty-one persons — sixteen directors elected by the membership and four statewide directors appointed by the Board. The twenty-first seat on the Board shall be used only in the case of seating the individual who holds the office of “Past-President.”

There are typically five meetings annually, plus the annual conference. Meetings held during the legislative session are scheduled in St. Paul. Board members are reimbursed mileage, and a per diem may be paid to school board and at-large representatives. Districts are reimbursed substitute pay for teacher representatives. Learn more about the board of directors.

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