Two members of MREA’s Board of Directors will represent MREA during an upcoming trip to Washington, DC where they will meet with federal legislators and advocate on behalf of Greater Minnesota schools.

Luther Heller

Scott Vedbraaten

Directors Luther Heller and Scott Vedbraaten were selected by the MREA Board to represent MREA members at the National Rural Education Advocacy Coalition (NREAC) April 2-4. Heller is Superintendent at Montevideo Schools and Vedbraaten is Superintendent at Browerville Schools.

Advocating for Education of Rural Children

The NREAC is made up of state and national organizations concerned about educational opportunities for children who live in rural areas of the United States. Heller and Vedbraaten, along with other rural advocates, will meet with members of Congress and encourage them to look at the unique needs of rural schools as they develop policies and pass laws.

NREAC is supported by the National Rural Education Association, of which MREA is a state affiliate. It supports rural schools throughout the country and informs lawmakers of the devastating effects one-size-fits-all policies can have on our schools.

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