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MREA Launches Social Media Partner Program

By April 28, 2013 No Comments

MREA has launched a Social Media Partner Program to help member school districts effectively use the tool to connect with parents. Last week, MREA began training interested districts on the social media trends, a strategy for their schools and implementation techniques.

MREA commissioned The Write Advantage Inc. to develop a quick-start strategy based on research and best practices and train teams from interested school districts on how to effectively implement the strategy in their respective communities.

The Social Media Partner Program sprung from conversations with superintendents in Greater Minnesota who desired to better connect with parents and engage them in what’s happening in the schools and student success.

MREA covers the costs of the strategy development and a monthly Social Media Dialogue Sessions for member districts. The strategy clearly outlines how districts can use a social media tool to connect with parents, outlining:

  • Goals
  • Content Generation Plan
  • Usage Guidelines
  • Integration
  • Metrics
  • Next Steps

Participating districts pay $500 and traveling expenses to bring their teams to a comprehensive training that outlines:

  • State of social media and future trends
  • Strategy for how schools can use social media to connect with parents
  • Implementation techniques to put it into practice in your schools, including content training, building a social squad, policy construction and other considerations.

Once districts complete the training and begin implementation, they get plugged into a Social Media Dialogue group that meets monthly to talk more about best practices, trends and techniques to continue to use social media to reach their goals.

Districts that are interested in participating in the program, may contact MREA to schedule the quick-start training. At the training, they will receive the strategy and begin the process of implementation.

About The Write Advantage Inc.

The Write Advantage is a Minnesota-based communications firm that specializes in social media. The firm helps organizations shape and share their stories using a variety of different tools, including social media. Dawn Zimmerman, chief communications officer for the The Write Advantage, leads the project.

Dawn is well-known social media specialist, speaker, trainer and columnist. Since 2007, she has helped both businesses and nonprofits develop and implement effective social media strategies. Her approach goes beyond presence to focus on performance. She facilitates industry groups on social media and has experience getting results, specifically on Facebook, Twitter, Blogging and YouTube. Her work has been recognized by both state and national awards for the clients she serves.