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MREA Members Appointed to Board of Teaching

By February 4, 2013 No Comments

Two MREA members have been appointed to the Minnesota Board of Teaching. They are among the five members newly elected to the board by Gov. Mark Dayton. Their terms begin this  month and end in January 2017.

Jim Grabowska is a school board member from St. Clair and currently works as a teacher educator of World Languages and Culture at Minnesota State University in Mankato.

Loy Woelber is superintendent of both the Westbrook Walnut Grove and Tracy School Districts. In addition to his current role, Woelber has been a 7-12 principal in rural Minnesota, and has served on regional and statewide boards, including the MREA Board of Directors.

“Jim and Loy will bring their insightful perspectives and seasoned experiences to their positions on the Board of Teaching and represent Greater Minnesota schools well,” MREA Executive Director Fred Nolan said. “We’re pleased to have them serving our state in this way.”

The Governor appoints 11 members to the Board of Teaching to four-year terms. The Board of Teaching’s membership has been overwhelmingly from the Twin Cities metropolitan area. View the list of members.

The Board of Teaching, created in 1973, provides leadership for improvements in teacher education programs in order to assure that the state has well-qualified, professional teachers. The board determines the standards and practices that serve the state’s teachers and teacher preparation institutions. Learn more about the Board of Teaching.