MREA members can receive Learning Blade’s computer science lesson series for free in December.  Learning Blade’s Intro to Computer Science unit shows students the careers and technologies that use coding skills.

Learning Blade has collaborated with Battelle, which identifies and develops products for schools to enhance the reach and impact of educational offerings. Battelle has validated that Learning Blade is effective in achieving it goals of increasing STEM career awareness and interest.

“At Battelle, we believe any tool headed into classrooms needs to meet a very high bar,” said Dr. Aimee Kennedy, Senior Vice President at Battelle. ” Through its focus on real-world application and accessibility to students, especially those in rural areas, Learning Blade meets that bar.”

Here’s how to access it:

  • Have students to go to
  • Students can use the class code provided
  • Students register themselves and have access for the entire month of December
  • Students login and experience Intro to Computer Science