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Need to Promote Teaching Careers as Interest Dwindles

By May 11, 2015 No Comments

A new report by ACT Inc. shows the percentage of high school graduates intending to become teachers has declined to 5 percent.

Citing the report, a StarTribune editorial on May 11 said, “Education has a pipeline problem, and that problem will only get worse unless more intentional efforts are undertaken to attract good candidates to the field.” The editorial called on education partners such as state departments of education, school districts, teaching schools, and community members to encourage careers in teaching.

The editorial also said more teachers is not the entire answer, and that quality, subject areas and diversity also need to be addressed.

ACT called the decrease in student interest in teaching careers “alarming.” The 5 percent number is down from 7 percent just 4 years ago, according to the “Condition of Future Educators” study by ACT.

Read the full StarTribune editorial.

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