The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) seeks applicants for a new state grant program for AP/IB STEM. The grant creates an opportunity for students to take rigorous AP/IB STEM coursework, provides support for teachers through professional development opportunities, and improves infrastructure to serve students in underserved areas.

The grants are designed to accommodate the needs of underserved districts including: equipment, course materials, professional development, and initiatives to prepare students for AP/ IB success.

The deadline to apply is Oct. 27.

How does the grant program work?

  • Qualifying school districts apply and submit a three-year budget plan to MDE to enhance or start an AP or IB program in the STEM area
  • Grants capped at $150,000
  • Grants awarded with geographic diversity in mind
  • STEM offerings given extra weight in the grant review process
  • Grant uses:
    • professional development
    • student recruitment
    • equipment and material acquisition for program implementation

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