MREA applauds Minnesota State for advocating with HLC on the scope of the extension deadline. Minnesota State announced last week in a memo to college presidents that it had engaged with senior HCL staff on the status of teachers who are added to concurrent enrollment agreements after the extension application deadline of Dec. 15, 2016 and prior to the end of the expected extension.

The tightening of faculty credentialing is new territory for HLC. After the announcement of the September 1, 2017 deadline and the loud protests in Minnesota, the HLC announced an extension period.

Now after a discussion with Minnesota State officials, senior staff of HLC stated that “future instructors could be covered under the extension deadline.”

MREA supports efforts to broaden the scope of HLC’s extension and will continue to seek clarity from HLC on their policy and accurately share this with Minnesota school districts.

Action Steps

MREA encourages member districts to continue to take action steps to preserve concurrent enrollment and released a page of resources to equip teachers, principals, superintendents, parents, students and board members with information on recent concurrent enrollment changes.

Here are ways school leaders can work to preserve concurrent enrollment opportunities for your students and all students across Greater Minnesota:

  • Register a team of parents and students to attend a free statewide Concurrent Enrollment conference on Saturday, Nov. 5
  • Have your district represented at  Concurrent Enrollment Advisory Committee meetings for each campus that you have a dual credit agreement
  • School boards formally support three resolutions on concurrent enrollment (refer to our recent webinar presentation)
  • Get the resources you need to participate in Campus Advisory Committee meetings and engage in conversations with legislative candidates