The new Professional Educator Licensing Standards Board (PELSB) will hold a Transition Meeting on October 12 at the Minnesota Department of Education. The PELSB replaces the current Board of Teaching and was a major part of the teacher licensure work of the 2017 legislature.

Loy Woelber, Superintendent of Westbrook-Walnut-Grove, and Heidi Hahn, Director of Special Education for the Paul Bunyan Special Education Cooperative in the Central Lakes area are two of the eleven appointees.

Both look forward to their service and shared with MREA their appreciation for the mix of representatives on the board.

“(I’m) really looking forward to learning with this group,” Haha said, “and looking at how do we maintain high standards for our profession, yet remove barriers to a complicated licensing system.”

The rest of the members are from the metro area or Greater Minnesota cities of Duluth and Mankato.  Learn more about the members.