MREA hosted a virtual meeting on  PSEO & Concurrent Enrollment Agreements on Sept. 14 as a part of its Fall Member Meetings on key issues. Here’s a look at the key takeaways from the highly attended session and resources:

  • To continue concurrent enrollment past Sept. 1, 2022 will require teachers to be fully credentialed. Take the time to learn about available programs for credentialing teachers and consider incentives for teachers.
  • Concurrent enrollment is not the only way to have students earn college credits while attending high school. Explore alternatives to concurrent enrollment to provide college courses for high school students in the high school.
  • PSEO by Agreement is financially advantageous to school districts, compared to PSEO by default, and allows your high school to address the new requirement of access to technology, attendance and student discipline.  Learn about the differences between PSEO by default and PSEO by agreement.  See a sample agreement provided curtesy of Normandale Community College.  Learn about steps to take to consider and pursue PSEO by Agreement.

Download the presentation slides from the session with narration. People can turn off the 20-minute narration and just view the slides.

Download sample agreement