Candidates | North Central Zone

These candidates have applied for Administrator and Teacher seats open as of January 1, 2024 on the MREA Board of Directors:

Administrator | 4-Year Term | 2024-2027

Jeff Drake | Fergus Falls School District

It has been a great privilege to serve Minnesota’s rural schools as a member of MREA’s Board. I am the product of a small, rural school (Deer River) and have spent my entire administrative career in rural school districts (Milaca, Battle Lake & Fergus Falls.) I am deeply rooted and passionate about rural education. As an active member of the MREA Board of Directors, I have been a strong contributor in the development of our strategic plan and legislative platform. I am currently serving as a member of the Executive Committee and the MREA Greater Education Summit Committee. Being part of MREA has allowed me to develop a political voice. I have testified before the House and Senate Education Finance Committees and have developed effective relationships with area legislators. I am nearing the latter stages of my career in education and MREA affords me the opportunity to give back. I would be honored if re-elected to represent the interests of rural education as a member of the MREA board of directors.

Dr. Timothy Godfrey | Lake Park Audubon School District
I have served as an administrator in rural districts in both MN and ND over the last 10 years. I have a passion for serving students in rural areas and am a strong supporter of Greater Minnesota. I believe we must preserve the culture found in rural areas and ensure our voices are heard throughout the state. Please let this letter serve as my interest statement to serve as an MREA board member from the North Central Zone. I meet all the qualifications.

Brad Johnson | McGregor School District

I am deeply passionate about rural education and its pivotal role in fostering vibrant and thriving communities. As a dedicated educator with 33 years of experience, 13 in the classroom and 20 in the administrative role, I have witnessed firsthand the unique challenges and opportunities that rural schools face. I am eager to join the Minnesota Rural Education Association to collaborate with like-minded professionals, share innovative strategies, and work collectively to address the specific needs of our rural students. I am committed to promoting equity, enhancing educational access, and advocating for the empowerment of rural learners, and I believe that the MREA offers the ideal platform to drive positive change in rural education across our beautiful state of Minnesota.

Kristie Sullivan | Breckenridge School District

My mission is rooted in expanding outcomes for students in our rural communities. Having been raised in a small, rural community who has fought to keep its school doors open, my work in advocating for rural education really began when I was 18 years old serving as my high school’s Student Council President. I had the good fortune to visit the Capitol in Washington, D.C. on an unforgettable class trip, and our school had arranged a meeting between myself, our Student Council Vice President, and then U.S. Senator Paul Wellstone to discuss the unique challenges and opportunities for students in rural Minnesota, just months before Senator Wellstone was killed in a plane crash. I remember the validation my classmate and I felt discussing concerns for rural students in our nation’s Capitol with such an important, yet down to earth man. Now 17 years into my career in education, having taught high school English, business, and technology and serving as a regional School Advocate and Curriculum Director in rural schools in the North Central Region, my mission has never been clearer to me. I am licensed with the Board of School Administrators as a K-12 Principal and Superintendent and hold bachelor’s degrees in English Education and Business Education, a master’s degree in Educational Leadership, and an Educational Specialist degree. I am serving in my second year as Superintendent of the Breckenridge School District, and the challenges are great … yet so are the possibilities. Like you, I want to see real improvements in our school systems so students experience equal opportunities as those in urban and suburban areas and graduate fully prepared for life after K-12 education.

Teacher | 3-Year Term | 2024-2026

Sarah Bauck | Waubun-Ogema-White Earth School District

As a band director for 26 years, I continue to attend classes, clinics, and conferences to discover new ways to meet student needs, improve as a teacher, and help my coworkers feel positive and successful in their careers. MREA has served a major role in this process and I would appreciate an opportunity to contribute what I can to this organization. I would be an active and dedicated member of the MREA board. I value communication, listening, sharing, other perspectives, brainstorming, and problem solving. I have attended many MREA events, including Fall Member Meetings, Zoom legislative updates and five Summit conferences. My involvement in my local district, local and regional union boards, city council, and numerous civic and church activities has given me a well-rounded perspective. Serving on the MREA board would be an exciting opportunity to help ensure that others have pride in their rural upbringing and educational opportunities, just as I do. Thank you for considering me for this position.