Candidates | North Zone

These individuals have applied to represent the North membership zone as a School Board member for an MREA Board seat open January 1, 2024:

School Board | 4-Year Term | 2024-2027

Jeff Radle | Lake Superior School District
The school system is the heart and soul of any rural community – for the community to thrive, the school must thrive. I made the decision to run for school board because I felt a sense of duty to give back to my community. I have worked as a laboratory professional in a rural healthcare setting for over 25 years and been an active participant in a laboratory professionals’ organization since I was a student. The goal of this organization is to promote and elevate the profession of laboratory medicine through cooperation with like-minded individuals and public advocacy. Since becoming a school board member, I have seen many of the struggles that impact providing healthcare in the rural setting can also be seen in our school districts – whether it be attracting qualified staff who want to live and work in a rural setting to having ready access to technology, funding, and resources. I believe my perspective and career experiences can bring value to MREA. I have witnessed first-hand the power of grassroots advocacy – one voice can start a conversation, many voices speaking as one can bring about meaningful change.

Ryan Walseth | Thief River Falls School District
For the past two years, I have been humbled to serve on the MREA Board of Directors. As a product of rural education and a life-long resident of rural Minnesota, I take tremendous pride in my school district, city, and state. I have been trusted with leadership positions on many levels of my community involvement and as a small business owner – as Chair and board member of our Chamber of Commerce, co-founder and Chair of our Downtown Development Association, and have served since 2018 as an elected board member of the Thief River Falls School District. For the past two years, I have been fortunate to be chosen as our board chair. I believe I have shown through my history of volunteering and service to rural communities, that it is one of the highest priorities in my life.