There is a lot of activity regarding policy and finance for K-12 education in Minnesota at the Legislature with the House and Senate omnibus bills heading to the floor. MREA provides a clear comparison of the House and Senate bills in these key areas:

  • Funding: Targets, Basic Funding, Kindergarten, Early Childhood, Equity, Special Ed, Integration
  • Taxes: ANTC Relief and Gen Ed Levy, RMV Relief and Equalization, Safe Schools Levy, Cyrus and Morris
  • Policies: Safe and Supportive Schools, Assessment Reform, Teacher Evaluation, Health Insurance, Staff Development, World Class Workforce, MTLE Reform, Free Lunch, School Year, Facility Study

At a glance, find how the House omnibus bill (HF 630) and the dual Senate omnibus bills (SF 453 and 978)  compare on these issues and MREA’s response. View the comparison chart.

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