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High School to Post Secondary Transition

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Where do we stand?

Minnesota enacted in 2013 systemic changes designed to make Minnesota’s young adults career and college ready and have as much as possible of that work accomplished before they graduate from high school.While the popular focus was on repealing the GRAD rule, the policy changes are twofold:

  • Align the K-12 system with post-secondary college and career readiness with assessments for career readiness and college admissions and placement,
  • Shift accountability from one placed exclusively on the backs of students with the GRAD Rule to one shared between students for individual progress on their individual career pathway and school districts for the career and college readiness of your community.

How does it affect you?

Four newly enacted Task Forces and Councils all have charge statements with relevance to high school credits, transition to college and postsecondary education, and career exploration while in high school.

  • Career Pathways and Technical Education Task Force
  • Adult High School Diploma Task Force
  • Online Digital Learning Council
  • Minnesota Youth Council

Where do we go from here?

With this new direction in assessment and required career and college planning, on what should MREA focus for the benefit of Greater Minnesota’s young children?

  • Monitor these Task Forces and MDE so that this career exploration and planning stays streamlined and not a bureaucratic burden?
  • Find and disseminate career planning models and supports for rural schools?
  • Monitor the outcomes in postsecondary enrollment between rural and metro students?
  • Insure that the costs of these college readiness assessments are not passed along to school districts?