Opening the doors of E-12 school buildings to outside organizations is a perennial issue being debated in the legislature this session.

  • SF 221 (Jeff Howe, GOP—Cold Spring) would allow patriotic societies like Girl and Boy Scouts to access schools and present to students during two weeks in September. View SF 221 Status
  • SF 630 (Steve Cwodzinski, DFL—Eden Prairie) would allow youth development organizations to pass out informational flyers at schools, as such groups have realized that virtual flyers sent home in the “virtual backpacks” of students are rarely ever opened. View SF 630 Status

More Issues in the Senate

Other key issues also were discussed in the Senate, including:

  • PSEO Program: SF 939 contains several provisions, including more access for 10th graders to participate. It also includes requirements on schools preventing weighting grades for courses taken through different PSEO options, for instance a similar course taken away at a college campus and one offered through concurrent enrollment. View SF 939 Status
  • Operating Referendum Equalization: SF 626 would improve operating referenda equalization. View SF 626 Status
  • Screen Time: The Senate Education committee took a deeper dive in a bill they previously reviewed that would provide funding to a new organization called LiveMoreScreenLess. SF 1012 would fund their initiative aimed at limiting  screen use in schools and provide education about better uses of technology. Some questions arose to the challenges of implementing a mandate in schools, and the bill is likely to undergo revision before it is heard on the Senate Floor. View SF 1012 Status