Minnesota PTA is currently looking for examples of Transformative Family Engagement happening across the state as a part of a national grant.

Minnesota PTA in March 2018 was one of five states to receive a Family Engagement Grant from National
PTA’s Center for Family Engagement to uncover examples. These examples can be, but do not need to be, connected to PTA. They can occur through school district initiatives, municipal community outreach, nonprofit work and more.

Minnesota PTA will be traveling the state this year gathering data from PTA leaders and is seeking the help of education leaders across the state to identify more.  Transformative Family Engagement is a shared effort of families, schools and community leaders to advance programs, practices and policies that empower every parent to make their child’s potential.

Through this grant, the Minnesota PTA seeks to learn more about family engagement programs, practices and policies that fulfill one or more of the following criteria:

  • Relational
    Creates or enhances relationships between students, parents, teachers, administrators, community members
  • Capacity-Building
    Those involved gain new skills, tools or resources to enhance their impact
  • Linked to Learning
    Connect families to the teaching and learning goals for the students)

Share examples that fit this criteria by contacting:

Heather Starks
President, Minnesota PTA
president@mnpta.org education@mnpta.org


Helen Westmoreland
Director, The Center for Family Engagement, National PTA