MREA’s membership elected six new directors and re-elected 2 directors to the 2022 MREA Board of Directors. The new Board members will join their first MREA Board of Directors meeting February 8-9 in Willmar. See the full Board of Directors. 

New Directors

Lund_JeffreyJeffrey Lund, Marshall County Central
Administrator Representative, North Zone

Lund has been a regular MREA conference attendee since 2013 and is eager to work with MREA to proactively help solve problems. As an accomplished school leader in Northern Minnesota, Lund has won the Minnesota Elementary Principal Association Leadership Achievement Award and the Minnesota Association of School Administrators Region 8 Administrator of Excellence Award. Welcome Jeffrey, we’re honored to have you on the Board.

Ryan_WalsethRyan Walseth, Thief River Falls
School Board Representative, North Zone

Walseth has been trusted with leadership positions of many levels as a community member and small business owner. As a school board member in Thief River Falls, Walseth has a passion and pride in his school district, city, and state. Ryan, thank you for choosing to share your talents and time with MREA. We’re honored to welcome you to the Board.

Sonia_WadenaSonia Wadena, Bemidji
Teacher Representative, North Zone

Wadena has spent 20 years in rural education with the Bemidji Area schools as a general ed and special ed teacher and currently serves as an Indian Education Coordinator. Her passion for supporting all students and seeking out resources to meet the needs of learners without judgement makes her an excellent fit for the MREA Board of Directors. Welcome Sonia, we’re thrilled to have you on the Board.

judy_moellerJudith (Judy) Moeller, Parkers Prairie
School Board Representative, North Central Zone

Being a part of significant community impact is nothing new for Moeller, who has served as a Township clerk for 37 years and chaired Parkers Prairie’s $2 million Aquatic Center without any tax burden to her community. Serving on the School Board for over 15 years, Moeller brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to the MREA Board of Directors. Thank you, Judy, for your willingness to contribute to Greater Minnesota schools.

Karla_BeckKarla Beck, Redwood Area
Administrator Representative, South Central Zone

Beck has experienced firsthand the impact of MREA’s resources, news and information as a Director of Teaching and Learning in a rural school. As demographic shifts continue to create policy and funding inequities, Beck is looking forward to helping MREA continue the strong voice in policy creation and adoption that must be maintained and advanced. Welcome to the Board of Directors, Karla. We are confident you’ll do an incredible job advocating for and encouraging Greater Minnesota education.

craig_brendenCraig Brenden, Waseca
Teacher Representative, South Zone

Brenden was born and raised in, and has been teaching for nearly 30 years in rural Minnesota. Brenden acknowledges that it is hard to get your voices heard when you’re so far apart but is grateful for the voice that MREA’s advocacy gives to districts in Greater Minnesota. Craig, thank you for dedicating your life to teaching in rural Minnesota. We’re honored to have you on the MREA Board of Directors.

Re-Elected Directors

Tammy Roth, Morris
Teacher Representative, South Central Zone

As an incumbent MREA Board Member, Roth is eager to see the continued impact that MREA has in Greater Minnesota education. Roth has spent 27 years at Morris Area counseling PreK-12 and has held professional leadership positions in the local and state teacher’s unions. Tammy, thank you for serving MREA and Greater Minnesota education.

Matt_SchultzMatt Schultz, Lanesboro
At-Large Representative, South Zone

Having served on the MREA Board of Directors for the past four years, Schultz has seen the impact of MREA on his own local school district as well as the legislation that governs all rural districts. His drive as a Board member is his belief that Minnesota students are all deserving of an education that truly prepares them to be successful civic-minded leaders. Matt, we’re grateful for the four years you’ve served on the Board and are thrilled to have you continue your Board term.