Candidates for South Zone Vacancies



Jenna Fromm, Windom
Minnesota Rural Education was, is, and will be a huge part of my life. I attended K-12 school in St. Clair. My parents owned the buses in town so I drove a school bus my Senior year in high school. I also taught community ed classes and coached Birdie Ball (junior high girls’ softball). I became a Spanish Teacher and moved to Pine City so our children could attend a rural school. In 2015, I stepped into a leadership role with Palmer Bus Service, which serves 25 rural MN school districts. I want to contribute to this organization by learning as much as I can while contributing my time and talent to making a positive impact.

Michael Meihak, New Richland
My educational background of 28 years includes experience as a classroom teacher, small district Principal, Activities Director, large district Principal, and Superintendent. I have worked in four different districts in Minnesota in both the elementary and secondary levels plus a year of service out-of-state in a suburban school district. My passion is centered around building relationships with students and staff to promote the love of learning and appreciation for education. I pride myself in the knowledge of a variety of areas that impact the programs available to run an efficient and effective program. I can offer a perspective that will benefit the Board and the communities that we serve together as educators.

Matt Schultz, Lanesboro
Having served on the MREA Board of Directors for the past four years I have seen firsthand the impact our organization has on my own local school district as well as the legislation that governs all of our districts. From the Educators of Excellence Awards to our lobbying in St. Paul, decisions MREA makes each year elevate our educators and our purpose in rural Minnesota. My desire to be a member of the Board of Directors stems from my belief that Minnesota students are all deserving of an education that truly prepares them to be successful civic-minded leaders, and through my participation on the Board I have the opportunity to help shape decisions that can lead to that goal.

Mark Westerburg, Lake Crystal
I would be interested in serving. Although this is my first year in MN, I have been a Supt. in MI, CA, MT at schools and part of the MREA in those districts.


Craig Brenden, Waseca
I am a Music Educator in my 29th year in rural education. I grew up on a small grain and dairy farm near Rothsay and was blessed with excellent teachers in a small rural K-12 district. I completed my degree in Music Education at North Dakota State University and served in the National Guard for 30 years. I am thankful for MREA’s advocacy for those of us in Greater Minnesota. It’s not easy for our voices to be heard when we are so far apart. I have served as president of our local teacher’s union the past 6 years and have served on committees working on bonding levies in our district numerous times. I would be honored to serve rural Minnesota schools.