The Supplemental Budget Conference Committee will address all areas of state expenditures, including education.  See links below to all detailed education side-by-sides that committee will address this week.  View MREA’s two-page score card of the issues.

In the details is $68 million for special education forecast adjustments (Art. 41 – E12 Forecast Adjustment, p R7), $25 million for FY ‘18 and $41 million for FY ‘19.  This is larger than either the House or Senate education targets.  Without passage of these forecast adjustments, special education formulas will be prorated for this year, and for next year and education funding will go backwards.  If nothing else gets done, the forecast adjustment needs to happen.

Greater Minnesota is well represented on the Supplemental Budget Conference Committee with Senators Rosen, Newman and Kiffmeyer, and Representatives Knoblach, Torkelson, and Pelowski. Rep. Jenifer Loon, Chair of the House Education Finance Committee, is also on the conference committee.

E-12 Spending Topics

Art. 34 – E12 General Education

Art. 35 – E12 Education Excellence

Art. 36 – E12 Teachers

Art. 37 – E12 Special Education

Art. 38 – E12 Facilities

Art. 39 – E12 Early Education

Art. 40 – E12 State Agencies

Art. 41 – E12 Forecast Adjustment

Art. 6 – E12 Nutrition

Art. 8 – E12 Self-Sufficiency

Art.33 – E12 School Safety

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E12 Articles – Nonpartisan Bill Summary

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