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Take Action: Education Policy Reform Debates Begin

By April 7, 2013 No Comments

Thank you to all who followed through with contacts to your legislators about the assessment reform and retirement of the GRAD. This will be a significant focus of debate during the omnibus bill mark-up process in the coming week. MREA will testify in support of these reforms, but it will be helpful to our cause if you continue talking to your legislators about this issue.

Teacher Licensure

Teacher license reforms will be another source of debate. Again, continue to tell your legislators about the mess that has been created with teacher license requirements and to keep the MTLE reform in the omnibus bill.

School Calendar

School calendar has been laying in the weeds for a few weeks, but a fight will erupt on this front during the House mark-up. The bill currently contains a provision to allow school boards to set their calendars. They still cannot hold classes on the Thursday and Friday before Labor Day. The hospitality industry and State Fair will attempt to get this stricken from the bill next Friday. If you care about this issue you need to let your legislators know your thoughts on this really soon. During Friday’s mark-up their will certainly be an attempt to kill this provision.