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Apply for State Task Forces by July 23

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MREA encourages you to be the Voice of Greater Minnesota Education and raise your hand to participate in one of the five statewide education task forces created as a result of this past legislative session. The application deadline is July 23.

It is essential that rural Minnesota’s voice be present on each of these advisory and decision making bodies.  In the 2013 legislature, both the Accountability and Assessment and School Finance Working Groups had enormous influence on legislation passed and signed into law this past spring.  The same likely will  happen in 2014.

Task Forces

These five task forces/advisory councils and commissions seeking applicants have broad charge statements on hot button educational issues:

  • CAREER PATHWAYS AND TECHNICAL EDUCATION ADVISORY TASK FORCE—Make recommendations to the legislature how to structurally redesign secondary and post-secondary education Learn more
  • ONLINE AND DIGITAL LEARNING ADVISORY COUNCIL—Bring to the attention of the commissioner and the legislature any matters related to online and digital learning and the advisory council shall provide input to the department and the legislature in online learning matters Learn more
  • SPECIAL EDUCATION CASE LOADS TASK FORCE—Develop recommendations for the appropriate numbers of students with disabilities that may be assigned to a teacher both with and without paraprofessional support in the classroom Learn more
  • STANDARD ADULT HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA ADVISORY TASK FORCE— Recommend programmatic requirements for adult basic education programs of instruction leading to a standard adult high school diploma Learn more
    SERVEMINNESOTA—Implement a comprehensive state plan to provide services under sections 121.701 and 121.710 of federal law, pursue funding sources, coordinate volunteer learning service programs, administer the youth works grant program, establish an evaluation of program plan, administer the federal Americorps program, and report to the governor and legislature. Learn more.


Get application as a PDF. Learn more and  get an application in Word or another version.  Applications will be reviewed and appointments made by the appointing authorities for these various agencies; questions about specific vacancies and appointments should be directed to the appointing authority. Appointing authorities for these agencies may choose to review applications received by the Secretary of State after that date.

Please contact if you plan to apply.