Imagine creating a student-run manufacturing company where students can gain both hard and soft skills. Technical Education Teacher Craig Cegielski will share at the MREA Annual Conference how Eleva-Strum High School has provided that experience for students since 2007. Register to attend.

He earned National Rural Teacher of the Year for starting the student manufacturing company called Cardinal Manufacturing. He turned the technical education department at the high school into a fully functioning business.

Cegielski attended technical education classes in high school while working at the local machine and fabrication shop. He later earned a Technology Education degree and brought his experience to high school students.

Eleva-Strum High School reinvests the company profits into the program. That has allowed the school to continue to expand and buy equipment, including 3D printers and computer-controlled machines.

The school also gives students an opportunity to earn a portion of the profits for scholarships to pursue higher education.

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