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US Senate Committee Approves ESEA Rewrite

By April 18, 2015 No Comments

“In a calculated and largely fireworks-free markup of a bipartisan Elementary and Secondary Education Act rewrite, members of the U.S. Senate education committee approved the ESEA Rewrite 22-0 Thursday amid much back-slapping and promises to continue working across the aisle.” (Education Week, Politics K-12, April 16, 2015)

Noelle Ellerson of NREAC and AASA began her summary this way:  The bill numbered some 600 pages long, and a filed manager’s amendment was equally long. Senators filed 87 amendments, 57 of which were considered and 29 ultimately updated. The core issue for AASA in reauthorizing ESEA was to restore an appropriate balance between federal, state and local autonomy by pulling back the federal overreach and prescription rampant in current law.

NREAC and AASA’s attentions were focused on standards, accountability and assessment. There are other areas where they advocated changes and improvements. Failure to get standards, accountability and assessments correct, though, would have made it nearly impossible for AASA to endorse.

By and large, this approach paid off. While the bill preserves standards, accountability and assessments, the granular detail of all three is left to the state/local level to craft and define, those people most closely working to implement said programs, and those with professional education experience.

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