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Vacancies Announced for State Boards

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The Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State has released new vacancies for state boards, councils and committees. Citizens in Greater Minnesota are encouraged to apply and serve.

Current education-related vacancies are:

Advisory Committee: Blind and Visually Impaired

Vacancies: Three seats including- one special education director, one non-profit agency member, and one parent representative.

Board of Trustee of the MN State Colleges and University System

Vacancies: Six seats including: One Member, one Member residing in the Third Congressional District, one Member residing in the Sixth Congressional District, one Member residing in the Eighth Congressional District, one Community College Student member, and one Technical College Student member.

Early Learning Council

Vacancies: Twenty-Two members including: representatives of local government groups, representatives of local school districts, individuals with Head Start expertise, providers of early childhood supports and services, representatives of higher education, individuals whose families receive childhood supports or services, individuals from non-profits involved in early childhood issues, members of the business community, and representatives of the philanthropic community.

Special Education Advisory Panel

Vacancies: Six seats including: One Parent Advocate, one Higher Education representative, two School Personnel representatives, one School Administrator representative, and one parent/or/school representative.

View all vacancies and complete descriptions.

Application forms are available online and must be submitted by April 26. Apply online.

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