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Week Ahead: World's Best Workforce

By February 17, 2013 No Comments

Tuesday evening several House and Senate committees are gathering to hear from experts about what it will take for Minnesota to have the world’s best workforce.  They will hear about demographic trends and explore pathways and strategies for achieving this goal.

Current Snapshot
From scientific and high-tech professionals, to most any kind of management expertise, to well trained trades and production workers, Minnesota has a large and remarkably talented workforce, according  to the Minnesota Department of Employment and Econonic Development. At nearly 73 percent, Minnesota has one of the nation’s highest labor force participation rates. The labor force participation rate for women in Minnesota is 67.6 percent, compared to the national rate of 59.3 percent. Use DEED’s Compare Minnesota tool for more detailed comparisons between Minnesota and any other state or major metropolitan area.

View the committee schedules for the week: House Education Finance   I   House Education Policy  I  House Early Childhood and Youth Development Policy  I  Senate Education  I  Senate E-12 Budget Division

View a calendar for the week.