The Minnesota Legislature reconvenes at noon on Tuesday, April 7. Budget committees will continue reviewing individual budget requests this week as legislators and interest groups make their last minute attempts to find their way into an omnibus spending bill. The next phase of the session is for omnibus spending bills to roll out of their respective committees.

Omnibus Budget Bills

MREA expects the omnibus E-12 budget bills to roll out during the week of April 13. We’ll likely see them emerge early in the week and go through a “mark-up” process by which committee members attempt to amend the bill for a variety of reasons.

Once the E-12 bill clears the home committee, it will travel to the Tax committee and then to Ways & Means in the House and Senate Finance before heading to its respective floor for debate.

Here’s a look at the issues and their respective bills.

Omnibus Policy Bills

The Education omnibus policy bills, HF 1591 and SF 1495, have passed through their respective committees before the first committee deadline on March 20.

For questions and MREA’s positions on the various provisions, email MREA at