Superintendent, Park Rapids Schools

I have proudly served as a rural educator for 23 years — 19 in administration with the most recent 9 as superintendent — and have found being a member of MREA a valuable voice for our rural way of life. Our organization has been a committed advocate at the state and national levels supporting Minnesota students, educators and programming. I am very excited about the future of Minnesota education and the transformation we will see positively impacting our students, schools and communities. MREA has been a state leader in promoting policy and funding initiatives to support our mission. One of the most important things we do as educators is put service above self. MREA does exactly this by placing our students and schools at the forefront of its mission. I can bring experience and commitment to the education of our rural students and schools. In no other time have opportunities for student success been more prevalent, and I want to ensure that all of our students and schools have the best of those opportunities.

Superintendent, Rothsay Schools

I have been a promoter of MREA for over 30 years. As a board member, my focus and contribution will be to utilize my experience, contacts, and expertise in education as a vehicle to strengthen MREA and educational opportunities for all students of Greater Minnesota.

Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operations, Moorhead Schools

MREA’s mission of serving rural school districts aligns  with my values, and I see the challenges all schools face, especially rural schools. My current position combined with my past role as superintendent in Waubun-Ogema-White Earth Schools leads me to believe I would a positive addition to the MREA Board. My past experiences as a teacher/coach and school administrator would also contribute to being a productive member on this board and make a lasting impact on education across Minnesota.

School Board Chair, Moose Lake Schools

I am interested for this position on the board because I value education as a lifelong goal. We must provide an opportunity for our schools to educate ALL students with survival skills to thrive in today’s world, not only in school but in life.

School Board Member, Henning Schools

MREA has become one of the most influential and important voices to the MN Legislature on behalf of rural school districts, and I would welcome the opportunity to represent my region on the Board. I am a Detective Sergeant for the Otter Tail County Sheriff’s Office and have been an officer for almost 14 years. I have taken numerous courses in School Safety and Response to an Active Shooter and have presented to school faculty and staff on their Emergency Response Plans and what to do in the event of an active shooter/intruder. I have volunteered as an instructor for women’s self-defense classes and have been a member of the Henning School Board for eight years, now running for my third term. I served as Board Chair the last two years and as Board Member for Lakes Country Service Cooperative for the last two years. I have witnessed what it means to a community to lose their school and believe keeping our students in rural school districts is of the utmost importance. I have learned much about education  and am passionate about thinking outside of the box and pushing innovative ideas and constant improvement. I would be a good fit for the MREA Board and thank you for your time and consideration.

Human Resources Director, Little Falls Schools

I am interested in being more closely involved in the outstanding work that MREA does. In my current position I plan and provide leadership for contract negotiations, employee orientation, and monitoring compliance with laws, rules, regulations or guidelines pertaining to human resources issues and activities. I have been involved in district strategic planning, policy review, building referendums and district construction projects. Previously, I worked as an Activities Director and led the formation of the Granite Ridge Activities Conference and served as the conference president for the first two years of the its existence. I also served as the MSHSL Region 8AA Committee Chair.

Chair, Department of Education Concordia College, Moorhead

I have more than 30 years in our profession, with experience as a middle school teacher in North Dakota, a high school counselor, and a counselor educator and teacher educator where many of the students I worked with chose to serve in rural areas. Preserving the quality of education in rural settings is a high priority in my professional life, as I know the unique context requires special attention from a policy/legislative perspective and from a teacher preparation perspective. I will bring expertise in broader educational issues and teacher development and special expertise in the intersection of mental health and education. At the University of Montana I served as Director of the Montana Center for Childhood Trauma and later as Co-director of the National Native Childhood Trauma Center to help schools become ‘trauma-informed’ institutions, requiring a great deal of adaptation to settings where resources were stretched thin, if available at all. Through it I gained a deeper appreciation for the issues teachers and students face in rural settings.

Superintendent, Ada-Borup/Norman County West Schools

I am interested because of the opportunities it provides to guide an organization that speaks and represents the interests of an often undervalued majority. As Superintendent of two districts in northwest Minnesota, I am keenly aware of the myriad of issues facing small rural school districts. Serving two districts allows me the opportunity to expand my circle of relationships as I serve four distinctly unique rural communities. The ability MREA has to be a voice for so many rural districts that would not otherwise have a voice of representation is crucial to the continued success of our organizations. I am a career educator. Growing up in rural western Pennsylvania I have been a proponent of small schools my entire life. I have served children and families as a teacher for 8 years, as a principal for 13 years, an activities director for 7 years, and as a superintendent for 8 years. My career has led me to schools in Ohio, Alabama, South Dakota, and Minnesota, usually in rural districts, and often serving in multiple roles. My quest for lifelong learning continues even though I completed my doctorate at the University of South Dakota last spring. I look forward to working with MREA for many years to come, and support the important work being done through the organization.