School Board Member, St. Clair Schools

I occupy what may be a somewhat unique position that would help me contribute meaningfully as a member of the MREA Board. I am actively involved in teacher preparation at the university level (World Languages & Cultures) through my work as President of the Inter Faculty Organization. I was one of the architects of MnSCU’s Transfer Pathways and am an architect of the concurrent enrollment plan that will be rolled out soon. I have been on the ISD 75 school board for 8 years (am running unopposed for a 3rd term) where I participated in the development of the mission, vision and values of the school district, strategic planning, and the negotiation of teacher, paraprofessional, and other contracts. I sit the Region 9 Development Commission and the South Central Service Cooperative Board, and I have middle and high school teaching experience (licensable in MN). These experiences, in addition to work I’ve done for 4 years on the Minnesota Board of Teaching (I’ve applied for a second term), require me to keep current in rules and regulations governing teaching, but also effective standards of practice in the teaching profession while working in support positions to enhance and grow educational opportunities. I work with questions of professional ethics and standards of professional conduct for both teachers and students in my work at the university level on a daily basis. It is with these experiences that I would hope to contribute to the MREA Board and MREA’s vision to support legislation that puts learners first, achieves equity, increases accountability and encourages collaboration.

School Board Member, Plainview-Elgin-Millview Schools

I have served on the MREA Board for four years. This been a rewarding and enlightening experience. I am a retired educator with over 35 years working with students. I am in my 10th year of serving on the Plainview-Elgin-Millville school board and have served in a variety of other leadership positions for Education Minnesota and other community groups. I would like to continue to serve Minnesota students and school districts by being re-elected to the MREA Board. Thank you for your support.

School Board Member, Waseca Schools

I am the Clerk on the Waseca School Board, in the 2nd year of my term. I am also part of the Region 2AA Committee for the Minnesota State High School League and on my second year of the Delegate Assembly for Minnesota School Boards Association. I have two boys and have been very active in Boy Scouts for the past eight years. I am in my church’s choir, a Sunday School teacher, and on the Board for the Waseca County Historical Society. I have worked at Federated Mutual Insurance Company for the past 14 years. I love to be active in a wide variety of groups and find it very exciting to mentor and advocate for other people. It is very important to be knowledgeable in the policies and laws constantly changing around us. The more informed and involved I am, the better I will be in informing others on how the laws work and what needs to be revamped. I don’t like to find fault or disagree with current polices while not having an alternative to bring to the table as a possible solution. MREA has such a strong voice and people are sitting up and taking notice of the opinions of outstate Minnesota and seeing that we do have legitimate concerns that are different then the Metro districts and all sides need to be represented when making and revising policies. Students need to be afforded the best possible education to get ahead in this competitive world and I want to be a part of making sure that the programs and funding they need are available to them.