In a matter of a days, schools across Greater Minnesota turned themselves inside out to serve their students and families during the COVID-19 pandemic. They chartered new paths and sought new ways to overcome obstacles in their pursuit of reaching students. MREA released a video today showing what distance learning looks like across Greater Minnesota and the extraordinary teams of people behind it. Share the video on Facebook.

“This has been a time unlike any other,” MREA Executive Fred Nolan said. “While COVID-19 has led many communities to shut down, our teachers and our schools stepped forward to support students and families. The challenges were great. The time to prepare was minimal. But they came in with big hearts, bigger ideas and the biggest commitment to show they care for their students. It has moved me and our MREA team to tears. We’re so proud.”

Greater Minnesota schools have not wavered in their pursuit of serving students well. “To all the teachers and school staff working overtime right now, thank you for all you’re doing. You have set an example for others to follow,” said Dawn Zimmerman, MREA Director of Communications.

“You are influencing, equipping and shaping students during a time in history that will always be remembered. This young generation will be better because of the time, support and attention you have given. ”

A special thanks to Captivate Media for creating this video and supporting Greater Minnesota schools.