The GOP on Friday afternoon countered Gov. Mark Dayton’s initial proposal for a K-12 education agreement for a special session. View the Governor’s priorities.

The GOP’s offer includes starting with HF844 as vetoed and add:

$125 million additional spending for FY 16/17 for:

  • Formula to 2 percent increase each year (2&2)
  • Increase School Readiness Funding by $21.5 million (for total of $52.25 million)
  • Increase Early Learning Scholarship Funding by $21.5 million (for total of $52.25 million) and eliminate Pathway II
  • Provide $10 million for Compensatory Pilot Grants
  • Provide $4 million for Northside Achievement Zone/St. Paul Promise Neighborhood
  • Increase American Indian Education Aid by $4 million (for total of $7.178 million)
  • Provide $1 million for Education Partnership Pilot Grants

A LIFO Compromise
Repeal 122A.40, Subdivision 11 and make corresponding change to 122A.41, Subdivision 14. This would repeal the state default seniority-ranked system for Unrequested Leaves of Absence policies and lave the issue completely to locally negotiated collective bargaining agreements. No mention or requirement to include teacher evaluations.