Gov. Mark Dayton shared his priority list for K-12 education, totaling $250 million in funding. The list comes after Dayton vetoed the E-12 bill approved by the Minnesota Legislature in an effort to gain support for universal Pre-K.  Many of the priorities listed by the governor also were included in the Conference Committee Report.

Governor’s Priorities

Here’s a breakdown of the issues and the dollars for the $250 million in total funding:

  • Additional formula 2% and 2%: $63 million
  • ½ Day PreK phased in: $100 million
  • Indian Education (new formula aid and equalization aid for BIE Schools): $17 million
  • Teacher workforce (stepping up for kids, paraprofessional grants, Teach MN Loan Forgiveness, Certificates of advanced professional study):  $8.5 million
  • Northside Achievement Zone, St. Paul Promise Neighborhood: $4 million
  • Compensatory Pilot Grants (includes Anoka-Hennepin): $10 million
  • English Learner (extends student eligibility aid to 7 years): $8 million
  • Head Start (reduce waiting list): $10 million
  • Regional Centers (to directly support schools in improving student achievement) $10 million
  • QComp (allows all districts to participate): $13.5 million
  • Breakfast (1st graders beginning in FY ’17): $4 million
  • Help Me Grow (to help connect families with at-risk children to serve): $2 million