The special session of the Minnesota Legislature ended over the weekend and the Governor Dayton has signed all of the special session bills into law. The E-12 bill, now Chapter 3 of the 2015 Special Session (SS HF 1 for those who want to look it up) provides $525 million for E-12 schools over the next two years. View details by issue.

Overall the funding included in the special session bill makes the wait for final passage worth it. This bill includes 2&2 on the formula, more money in existing early learning programs like scholarships and school readiness and a major expansion of American Indian Education funding.

Statewide access to an equalized levy for deferred maintenance funding stayed in the final bill. English Language Learning reimbursements were expanded from six years to seven years in the final bill.

Gov. Mark Dayton called the special session late Thursday. About 200 representatives and senators gathered tightly in two rooms designed for hearings to vote on the replacements for the three bills the governor vetoed following the regular session in May.

MREA encourages you to read Governor Dayton’s statement the closure of the 2015 session.

The legislature reconvenes on Tuesday, March 8, 2016.  View list of successes from this past session.

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