Jacob Johnson Leads by Example

Industrial Technology Teacher  //  Windom Area High School  //  Windom Area School District


Keys to Success

Jacob Johnson has a visual at the front of his classroom of the “Keys to Success.” He teaches his students that by following these ‘keys,’ they will find success both personally and in their school life. What’s more is that Johnson exemplifies those traits for his students to see every day at school. His hard work ethic is proven through the many hats he wears for the district, including coaching, teaching, and occassionally driving the bus.

“His students know that they can count on him to hold them accountable but also to learn,” says the middle school principal, Bryan Joyce. “Mr. Johnson has created an atmosphere where students can be successful at all times.”

His classroom, the industrial tech workshop, is constantly buzzing with machines, work, and planning – but Johnson makes sure it’s fun, too.

Engaged. Involved. Genuine.

Johnson’s students see and feel the genuine care that he shows for each student in their school. Beyond the classroom, he’s known for asking students about their lives and really caring about how they’re doing.

It’s easy to see for both his students and colleagues that Johnson loves his job. His energy is genuine and his effort is always 100 percent.

Thank you, Jacob Johnson, for being an Educator of Excellence. Your effort and dedication is seen, honored, and commended.

Educator of Excellence

MREA honors Johnson as a 2022 Educator of Excellence for his innovation, collaboration, and unwavering commitment to get results for his students. See more stories of Educators for Excellence.