Minnesota legislators involved in the Conference Committees spent the past week reviewing the House and Senate bills side by side. They now have eight days to finish their work. See who’s on the conference committees.

Leadership negotiations on a global deal stalled out last week, but they reportedly met Sunday to resume talks. The speculation is that leadership will agree to a budget deal this Wednesday, which will give the various budget Conference Committees 2-3 days to hash out the details of their respective spending bills to meet the May 20 deadline.

If we drift into next weekend without a global budget deal, then we’re likely looking at a special session to be named later to continue the budget debate. The state’s fiscal year ends on June 30.

The line in the sand between DFL Governor Tim Walz and GOP Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka is clearly the gas tax. A signature piece of the Walz budget plan has become the hill that Sen. Gazelka plans to die on.

Can Walz secure reinstatement of the provider tax to fund Health & Human Services and additional general fund tax revenue through federal tax conformity for Education if he relents on the gas tax?

The last week of any legislative session is always the most intriguing. Minnesota’s students need a strong finish for the E-12 bill and funding for public education. MREA will keep you posted on major developments. Stay connected on Twitter (@mreavoice) or Facebook (/greatermnstudents).

MREA has urged lawmakers involved in the committees to advance key provisions for Minnesota’s students. Learn more and see how you can raise your voice on behalf of students.



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