MREA has partnered with the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities to raise awareness about the proposed constitutional amendment. It aims to permanently dedicate the sales tax on auto parts and auto rental taxes to roads and bridges.

These funds, almost $300 million per year, currently go to the state’s general fund — the same pool of money that supports schools and Local Government Aid (LGA). Both rural schools and cities are reliant on this funding.

This proposal, if approved, challenges voters in November to determine if they value roads and bridges more than schools and public safety.

Minnesota’s roads and bridges need help. But, diverting money away from the general fund will either cause pain to other important state programs or require the state to raise taxes to make up the shortfall.

Measures that pit schools and public safety against roads and bridges should not be put up for a vote, especially when there are other viable options to increase funding for transportation such as raising the gas tax or license tab fees. This amendment would put many important priorities at risk.

That is why both organizations and their members are urging legislators and the public to reject this proposed constitutional amendment.