The House and Senate are progressing very different Omnibus E-12 bills both in terms of funding and policy. This week during the legislative recess provides a key opportunity for you to connect with legislators to share the effects of their proposals. Find your legislators.

The funding difference between the House’s $900 million and Senate’s $207 million is only part of the story. There will be much education-related negotiations required to get to the finish line.

View side-by-side comparison by key issues.

Formal conference committee negotiations will need to wait for the leadership negotiations among Gov. Tim Walz, House Speaker Melissa Hortman and Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka to resolve tax targets, the gas tax, overall spending targets and major policy issues. Learn more.

View the differences on E-12 funding and policy at a glance.

If you have specific questions on funding or policy, contact MREA Executive Director Fred Nolan at

House and Senate E-12 Omnibus Bills at a Glance:

House (HF 2400)

Senate (SF 7)

Funding: $900 million


Basic Formula Allowance 3% in FY ’20 to $6,501 and 2% in FY ’21 to $6,631

SPED: $120 million to “freeze” cross subsidy

Continues the 4,000 School Readiness and Voluntary Pre-K (VPK) seats to lose funding June 30

Increases what was Tier 2 Operating Referendum equalization from $510,000 per RPU to $650,000 per RPU

Increases Safe Schools aid and levies to $45 per pupil in FY ’20 and $54 in FY ‘21

Starts another round of  Support staff six year declining grants for $10 million each year

Funds a new “breakfast after the bell’ program for $4.3 million in ’20 and $5.8 million ‘21

Funds recruiting and retaining teachers of color $3 million in FY ’20 and $4 million in FY ‘21

Many grants are extended or begun

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More Details & Impact

HF 2400 Safe Schools

HF 2400 SPED FY ‘20

HF 2400 SPED FY ‘21

HF 2400 Career and Tech Aid and Levy

HF 2400 Referendum Equalization

Funding: $206 million


Basic Formula Allowance: ½% in FY ’20 to $6,343 and ½% in FY ’21 to $6,375

$38 per pupil increase in safe schools aid for FY ’20 and ’21 only

SPED: $0 above forecasted amounts

Many grants, some discontinuations

View Impact of Senate Proposal by District


Taxes, Broadband & Paid FMLA


Raises $1.2 billion primarily on corporate federal tax conformity and foreign earnings

Repeals transfers from General Fund to Highway fund, $230 million annually

Adds $0.20 to gas tax over two  years

Increases Ag Bond Credit to 70%

-$30 million in FY ’21, $81 m in ’22 & ‘23

$70 million for broadband

Paid FMLA with 0.65% payroll tax.  Learn more


Taxes & Broadband


No changes to transportation

Senate Tax Omnibus bill is not released yet but announced to not raise net revenue

$30 million for broadband



Ability to start school before Labor Day for 20-21 and 21-22

Special education paperwork reduction

Students with IEP’s may participate in ADSIS

Long Term Facility Maintenance (LTFM) revenue may be used for facility safety enhancements—no additional levy allowance

Member districts of Cooperatives may use additional $65 in lease levy and LTFM for instructional cooperative facilities

Dyslexia screenings required

Non-exclusionary discipline required

Significant changes to Tiered License system

ABE and ECFE teachers are included in continuing contract (tenure) statutes

Early Learning teachers including school readiness must be licensed within the Tier system this fall. Persons serving as teachers in ’18-19 must be licensed by July 1, 2024

Sexual health education required, topics defined, models to be provided

Lead in water and Radon testing, notification, and remediation required

Respectful meal policies required, districts cannot limit students’ participation in any school activity due to unpaid lunch debt




School boards, not the Commissioner approve flexible learning year plans

Some SPED paperwork reductions

Districts may offer credit for demonstrated student competencies

CTE teachers, full and part-time, who demonstrate occupational competency are exempt from teacher licensing requirements

Districts are not required to join a Telecom Cluster to receive Telecom aid from 1st dollar

Military recruiters to have same access to students as postsecondary institutions

Schools must report preliminary MCA reports to parents within 30 days of testing and again with validated results before school begins

Districts must have policy on threat assessment

Districts must have school meal policy that is reasonable and prohibits lunch shaming